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Japan IRLP Nodes at-a-glance


Node 8200 was the first IRLP node in Asia. Node 8200 operates on the JR1VI repeater licensed to the Tokyo Intl. Amateur Radio Association. The JR1VI repeater uses a Diamond X510 groundplane (8.3db gain).

The brain of the node is an IBM Aptiva JDA (133 mhz., 1.6 GB HDD), running Linux Red Hat 6.2 connected to a 100Mbps NTT B FLETS fiber optic circuit. Power for most of the node/repeater computer and communications equipment is routed through uninterruptible power supplies for emergencies.

IRLP Node 8200 antennas

Node 8200 has verified two-way mobile coverage of most of the city of Tokyo and also covers sections of Kawasaki and Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture and parts of Chiba Prefecture, including Makuhari.

So simple, even a child can understand it

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IRLP stands for the Internet Radio Linking Project. Amateur Radio IRLP reaches thousands of cities in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, India and even Antarctica, linking them all with a full dynamic range, telephone quality sound.

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